The Inevitable Holiday Question…

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stock-photo-35675260-grandma-pinching-her-grandsonThere’s a question that is asked every year at the holidays by family and friends who have no idea what unschooling is all about. That questions is, “Are you enjoying your break from school?”

My son is perplexed whenever anyone asks it, but he has learned to smile sweetly and reply with a polite, “Yes.”

The real answer is that, with unschooling, there is no break from school.  Every day is a learning day and every day is a break from “school.” Learning is part of everyday life, as it should be, and as it is for adults. We learn things we want and need to know when we want and need to know them. So does my unschooled son.

There are times when I wish the people we love would pay enough attention to what we are doing to understand it, but then I realize that it doesn’t really matter. They don’t have to get it. It works for us and that’s what really matters.